Thursday, January 28, 2016

They met in school in the usual way. Supported by their friends and family, the courtship ran the normal course for that time. One of their first dates was to see Peter Pan. He remarked on how her blonde hair matched Tinkerbell’s.

“Oh and I guess that makes you Peter?”

“I see myself as more of a Captain Hook” As he shaped his hand into a hook shape and chased her around the parking lot yelling “Arrgh!” until she let herself be caught.

Their honeymoon was in Disneyland.

The years passed and children came and went. Her blonde hair went silver, and his hands became hooked with age and not humor.

But in those secret intimate times he’d still hold her close and whisper “Tink”

And she’d snuggle in and whisper back, “Captain”

Her magic started to fade, and a solemn man of medicine pronounced her fate. It wouldn’t be long, and it would be bad.

She moved from their home to a shared room. And he’d visit and hold her hand while they watched movies. And then to a private place with a single room. And he’d read to her while she slept.

When it was over the staff came in, removed the tubes and wires. Leaving her pure again as the day they met.

He was allowed to sit with her one last time before the transportation came.

An orderly paused at a noise from inside room 308.

"Is he Clapping?"

The old nurse just shrugged.

C.Dawson 2016